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Polbrass - Wyroby z metali kolorowych


Polbrass offers leaded brass and regular brass tubes, known for their top-quality combination of durability and corrosion resistance alongside ease of processing and installation. These unique attributes make our tubes indispensable across various industry sectors, including plumbing and heating systems where long-lasting, trouble-free use is crucial. Their adaptability and ease of joining guarantee a quick and efficient installation process, significantly reducing project timelines.

Polbrass understands the diverse needs of our clients, hence we provide tubes in a broad range of grades, lengths, diameters, and shapes including round, hexagonal, and profiled. This variety allows for perfect alignment with the specific requirements of any application, irrespective of the industry. Our products are not only used in the sanitary and heating sectors but also in the aerospace, automotive, and railway industries, where reliability and material strength are crucial.

We encourage you to leverage our expertise and experience in brass tubes. Our experts are always ready to assist in selecting the best solution tailored to your project needs. By choosing Polbrass, you opt for a partner who blends innovation with tradition, delivering products that contribute to the success of our clients across various fields.

Leaded brass tubes are an excellent material for creating components in sanitary and heating installations. They are characterized by high strength and corrosion resistance, which allows for their long-lasting and trouble-free use. Leaded brass tubes are also easy to process and join, facilitating quick and efficient installations. Besides their applications in the sanitary and heating sectors, these tubes are also frequently used in the aerospace, automotive, and railway industries.

Technical Specification of the Product

Tubes – Leaded Brass

CuZn39Pb3, CuZn40Pb2, CuZn39Pb2, CuZn36Pb3, CuZn36Pb1.5, CuZn36Pb2AsR430, R500, M Outer DiameterMin. Wall ThicknessOuter DiameterMin. Wall Thickness
18 ÷ 65 mm2.0 mm20 ÷ 180 mm2.5 mm
18 ÷ 63.5 mm2.0 mm20 ÷ 130 mm2.5 mm
Profiled Tubes

Tubes – Brass

GradesTemperShapeOuter DiameterWall Thickness
CuZn37R300, R370, R4403 ÷ 120 mm0.4 ÷ 4 mm