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Polbrass - Wyroby z metali kolorowych


At Polbrass, we offer a rich assortment of copper, brass, and bronze sheets that meet the highest standards of quality. Our range provides a variety of thicknesses and sizes, allowing for the perfect material match for various applications.

We specialize in delivering sheets in many variations, tailored to specific project needs. Thanks to our advanced equipment, we are able to offer custom-sized sheets, ensuring maximum precision and efficiency in project execution.

Our extensive warehouse ensures quick material availability, allowing us to promptly respond to orders and maintain flexibility in order execution, regardless of their size.

In addition to a wide range of non-ferrous metal sheets, our offer also includes stainless steel and aluminum, providing comprehensive solutions for various industries. We encourage you to take advantage of our experience and expert knowledge in selecting the most suitable materials for your projects. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities offered by our high-quality sheets.

Copper and brass sheets are widely used in the construction industry, especially in the production of roofing tiles and cladding. Due to their exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions, they are an excellent choice for external architectural elements. Their heat and electrical conductivity properties also make these sheets valuable in the electronics industry, where they contribute to the efficient functioning of devices. Additionally, copper and brass, with their aesthetics and longevity, are popular choices in decorative and structural elements, demonstrating their versatility and wide range of applications in various fields.

Technical Specification of the Product

Copper – Copper Sheets

R220 (H040)
R240 (H065)
R290 (H090)
0.5-10.0 mm1000 mm

Brass – Brass Sheets

GradesTemper (*)ThicknessWidth
R300 (G030)
R350 (H095)
R410 (H120)
0.3-10.0 mm600 mm

* Temper for CuZn37 – separate designations for other grades.