POLBRASS | Welcome to our site, we are looking forward to doing business with you.

We established Polbrass in 2003 to provide comprehensive services in the area of supply of non-ferrous metal products (among other things made of copper, brass and bronze), including supplies of:

  • strips cut to size at our firm,
  • wires drawn to size at our firm,
  • other products such as rods, tubes and sections, that we have in our permanent offer,
  • items with coated surfaces, plated i.a. with silver, tin, nickel.

The mission of our firm is to respond instantly to any needs of yours.

In addition we guarantee:

  • technical consultancy
  • no minimum order quantity requirements
  • delivery to the indicated place
  • scrap metal collection at attractive prices.

Our employees are professionals in the trade of non-ferrous metals, and the cutting devices we use, allow us to offer products, that meet the highest quality requirements.

All our suppliers are reputed and recognized both domestic and foreign producers, that have obtained ISO certifications.

Having our own machines and devices, we can offer such services as strips cutting and wires drawing from entrusted materials.

Welcome to our firm

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